Who We Are?

About MidRipple


MidRipple is an open platform that connects brands with the right micro – celebrities, influencers and online content creators. Brands seek Influencers frequently for their marketing campaigns and advertising requirements. Influencers, on the other hand, seek good brands that align with their worldview and their audiences’ expectations. MidRipple facilitates productive working relationships between the two by establishing itself as the best matchmaker in the industry. Be it a one-time sponsored Instagram post or a long-term collaboration, we’ve got our Brands & Influencers covered.

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Our mission is to form and nurture a strong community of creative Influencers and outstanding brands by becoming a one stop solution to all the hurdles in Influencer marketing and Influencer monetization.

Considering the unorganized state of influencer marketing, MidRipple was established to be a one stop shop for all influencer marketing needs. There are online tools and platforms that cater to this segment in some ways but maintaining several paid subscriptions and bouncing from one platform to the other in order to get relevant information is a task that takes up a ton of time and money.

We strive to eliminate all the hassles of dealing with multiple subscriptions by introducing a 360-degree solution.  By on-boarding only the best and the most creative of Influencers, we aim to constantly deliver quality content for any given marketing campaign.

Also, our influencers are our biggest asset and by bringing them sponsorship deals and endorsements, we help them focus on doing what they do best, viz. making  high quality and engaging content for their audience.

Our Philosophy

MidRipple believes in creative freedom, transparency, and authenticity. We stand by our pillars of effective communication and fair dealings in business and in life.

Influencers are a crucial part of online content ecosystem and we understand the amount of effort and time that goes into satisfying personal and public expectations with regard to content and its distribution. This is why we believe MidRipple is a valuable solution to all the hassles that come with self-promotion and sustaining a profitable personal brand.

Brands have a hard time dealing with Influencer Marketing due to the
ambiguous nature of the process. Influencer discovery, quality control, and KPI measurements are some of the major problems when it comes to launching an Influencer marketing campaign. MidRipple aims to solve these problems exceptionally well by streamlining the process of crafting and launching successful Influencer marketing campaigns.

Our Pillars


Open and clear environment for Brands to interact with Influencers


Right amount of bandwidth for Influencers to work freely


Keeping all the transactions completely transparent


Seamless communication between the brands and influencers


Analysing the data of campaigns for providing marketing insights


Validation provided for both brands and Influencers making it authentic

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